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Sands Maltese is located in Charlotte, TN. We breed, raise and show Maltese.  We firmly believe in breeding to better the breed and breeding to Maltese standards. Our Maltese are bred on a limited basis, we do not breed for quantity, but quality. 

We occasionally have Maltese puppies available. All of our Pet Quality Puppies are all sold with AKC limited papers and a spay/neuter agreement.

Our puppies are home raised, healthy, happy, and very socialized.  Pet and show quality available.  Sensibly priced.
Our puppies are kept here until they are 12 weeks of age at least. No exceptions!  

Give us a call or email us.  We will be happy to answer any and all inquires.


We also have Handling Services available.  As the handler of your dog, our priorities are always first with the care and well-being of your dog.

When we are in the show ring with your dog, your dog will be my top priority! I am your representative at the dog show , our goal is to present your dogs in a professional manner at dog shows . My main focus will be to show your dog to the best of its ability. I will work my hardest and do my best for top results with your dog.

Dogs are my life and showing them is my passion.

I have a special friend I would like to thank for helping me get started, Julie Darrow. Julie has been a wonderful help to me and has been by my side from the start of my Maltese Showing Career. Thank you, Julie for everything, but most of all for a great friendship.

I want to say a special thank you to  Sheila Meyers and Patsy Stokes, of Pashes Maltese for having faith in me and believing in me. Without your trust none of this would be possible.

Charlotte,  Tn  37036

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