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"Toy Dog Handler"

Amy Preuett

302 Coaling Road

Charlotte, TN 37036

615/789-6290 Home

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I wish to thank you at this time for enlisting my services in the showing of your dog. My rates and agreements are as follows:

FEES: The undersigned owner agrees to pay the handler fees set forth in this contract and is also agreed and understood that the parties will be responsible for all entry and veterinarian fees. All fees are due upon service.

CANCELLATIONS of this contract must be made before entries close or all fees for shows entered will apply.

PHOTOGRAPHS will be made of all major wins and group placements unless otherwise specified by the owner. The owner is responsible for all photo costs. ***The handler will receive photos at no charge. ******Upon Championship completion the owner will run one ad in a national publication of their choosing with Amy Preuett listed as agent/handler. All published photos in which Amy Preuett was the agent/handler shall be listed as such.*****

LIABILITY: The handler, all assistants and associates shall not be held liable for the following: loss due to injury, death, theft, escape, injury to or from other dogs and persons or property. If insurance is desired it is the responsibility of the dog owners to seek this out and to have it in place.

HANDLER’S RESPONSIBILITIES: It is the handler’s duty to present your dog in a professional manner and to abide by the laws of AKC in showing of your dog. To give proper exercise and provide quality care and housing for your dog. To ensure a proper and mutually agreed upon feeding plan for your dog.

DOCUMENTATION: Owners are to provide copies of certificates of health and vaccinations, as well as all relative health information. Copies of any and all registration certificates and pedigrees. The owner will also provide accurate information on the number and type of conformation points that the dog has already won.




TELEPHONE NUMBER:________________________________________

CELL PHONE NUMBER:_______________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: ____________________________________________

DOG’S REGISTERED NAME: ________________________________________________________

CALL NAME OF DOG: ___________________________________________

AKC REGISTRATION NUMBER: __________________________________

SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________________




All dogs are subject to the following:

Handling Fees…..$75.00 per show excluding Group Competition**

Travel Expenses……Split between dogs entered & traveling to and from show (parking and gas, etc.)

Any extra entries needed are the responsibility of the client.

There will be times when your dog may be the only dog entered, when this occurs you are responsible for all travel expenses.


Boarding……$8.00 per day. 

(Dogs in wraps please add $2.00 per day  to above price.)

Specialty Shows……TO BE NEGOTIATED...please call for pricing and availablity

All dogs under this contract must list Amy Preuett as agent.


** Group and Best In Show Fees:

GROUP IV: $75.00

GROUP III: $85.00

GROUP II: $100.00

GROUP I: $200.00

BEST IN SHOW: $500.00

MY POLICY is to provide the best care and presentation of your dogs. At times judgment calls will have to be made as to who will take a certain dog into the ring. It will be my job to ensure that the best interest of all parties be met.

I, _____________________________________, agree to the above contract and in signing do authorize Amy Preuett to act as my agent in matters of exhibition and entering shows, as well as having the authority in matter of my veterinary care in my absence.




This contract consists of  2 pages and can only be amended by both parties entering this agreement by way of both signatures and one witness signature. Amy Preuett

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