"Our Maltese"


Our Boys

GRAND CH.Sands RS More Than A Crush (Crush)

CH. Sands Snow Doubt (Yeti)

CH. Sands Just Incrediable (Justin)

CH. Sands Magical Tuxedo Man (Tux)

CH. Sands Magical Tonka Toy (Tonka)

CH. Pashes Magical Phantasy (Magic)






Our Girls

CH. Sands Surprise Ending (Surprise)

CH. Sands California Gold Rush (Rush) 

CH. Sands In A Tizzy (Tizzy)

Sands Just Shear Envy (Envy)

Sands Snow Party Girl (Miley)







Our Retirees and/or now living with their new family

CH. Sands N Phlick's Let's Make A Deal (Dealer)

CH. Sands Magical Sonofagun (Pistol)

CH. Pashes Daisy Mae (Daisy) 

CH. Sands Brag About Me (Gabby)

CH. Sands Kissed By The Wind (Babs)

CH. Phlicks N Sands Public Enemy (Dillie)

CH. Phlicks Enchanted Sand Dancer (Dancer)

Pashes One In A Million (Millie)

Sands Magical Lil' Britches (Britches)

CH. Sands Dancing In The Breeze (Danni)

CH. Pashes Star-Crossed (Star)

CH,Naysmith's Electricque Remington Steele (Remy)

CH. Pashes Absolute Justice (Abby)

Sands Playin' To Win (Whinny)

Sands Lil' Liza Jane (Liza)

CH. Sandstones Great Gambini (Bini)

CH. Sands Magical Journey (Journey)



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